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Apartamentos turísticos El Ardinal Categoría 2 llaves

Hotel El Ardinal.
Arenas de Cabrales. Picos de Europa. Asturias.

There are holiday lodgings that everyone talks about and very few have the opportunity to stay, this is the case with Ardinal Hotel.


Universal Mountains, eighteen villages, one cheese “·Cabrales” (famous all over the world), mountain sports, bird watching, hunting, fishing, incredible landscapes, pure nature all around, good people and unforgettable food. This is our land.

Cabrales is the most mountainous council of Asturias, right in the heart of the Picos de Europa National Park and most of its territory is made up by its central massif. It is the Asturian municipality that contributes with more territory to the national park.

The Cares Path by the river gorge, the village of Bulnes, the world famous Urriellu, uncountable hikes and walks right in the middle of the purest of nature are waiting for you in Cabrales.

Picos de Europa National Park

The three massifs of this wonder of nature, surrounded by deep gorges and valleys, were carved by glaciers and the power of water.

The highest peaks of the Picos de Europa mountain range are to be found in the central massif, this is the case with the precipitous Urrieles, where the most famous of all has its home the Urriellu, an international reference in alpinism and fundamental in the history of this sport in Spain.

East of the Urrieles is the eastern massif of Andara (the smallest of the three and with the most serene outline). The westernmost of the three is the Cornion, close to the Royal Site of Covadonga, religious destination to millions of pilgrims from around the world. There the Enol and Ercina mountain lakes reflect the mountains in their crystal clear waters, right where the history of Asturias was forged, in the land of legends.

The Hotel

A hotel with a special charm, located in Arenas de Cabrales, close to everything and at the same time isolated in the middle of nature to offer the visitor that elusive tranquillity that we are all looking for these days.

Idoneus place for the traveller looking for direct contact with nature and the ancient charm of rural Asturias. Located in the Riu quarter, which historically represents the origin of the Areias Village. The Ardinal Hotel enjoys a privileged location, at the edge of the Picos de Europa National Park, ten minutes away from the popular Cares river route, also known as the Divine Gorge, half an hour away from Cangas De Onis, the lakes of Covadonga and the beaches of Llanes.

The Ardinal hotel is one of those Asturian hotels with that special something that makes them unique to enjoy the summer holidays, a quick weekend getaway or that long awaited holiday with or without the children. Any excuse is a good one to stay with us and enjoy our landscapes in all seasons.

What will you find?

Our rooms, located as they are right in the heart of nature’s unique creation and in an absolute rural environment, each one bearing the name of the trees that surround us. El Texu/Yew (main tree of the Kelt culture of these lands). Los Manzanos/Apple tree (with which we make our “sidrina”). Los Castaños/Chestnut tree (its fruit gives name to the warm autumn wind, our own local regional wind). El Cerezo/Cherry tree and El Nogal/Walnut tree (lucky he or she that possesses furniture made from this noble wood, sign of power and nobility back in the day). El Tilar/Linden tree (with its overwhelming aroma shares our hikes on so many routes around here). And last, but not least, El Acebo/Holly (plant that according to the legends could cost you your life. There are many spirits that will tempt us with their fruits here in the traditional woods of this ever living land of legends, Asturias)

All of our rooms are exterior and have wonderful views of the valley and of the mountain ranges, so all of those that visit us can enjoy our unique landscape and enjoy the best of experiences with us.

Come to Cabrales y Los Picos de Europa.

Hotel El Ardinal, Arenas de Cabrales, Asturias.

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